Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering  (2005)


Tissue Engineering for Nervous System and in vitro Neuronal Network Analysis


Polytechnic of Milan



Master Degree in Biomedical Engineering (2001)


Methods for non-linear interactions rhythms analysis: multi-unit and single-unit recordings study


Polytechnic of Milan


Academic Editor of “PLoS ONE”

Associate Editor of “Frontiers in Neuroengineering”

Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Sam Schmidt Paralysis Foundation.

PI of the “Multi-functionalized nanostructured biomaterials for nervous regeneration” project CARIPLO GRANT 2011-0352 (2012-2015).

Co-PI of PON PROMETEO “Design and development of innovative technological Platforms for tissue Regeneration in the Oral-Maxillofacial, haEmaTopoietic, nEurOnal and cardiac system” grant (2011-2014).

Co-PI of “Transplantation of Nanostructured Composite Scaffolds Results in the Regeneration of Chronically Injured Spinal Cords” StepAhead Australia Ltd. grant (2011-2012).

Project Leader of the “Development and characterization of a novel class of hierarchical self-assembling peptides” and “Coarse Grained Modeling of Self-Assembling Peptides” international collaborative projects – Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Biotechnology Department-University of Milan-Bicocca – (2010-2011).

Project Leader of the “Functionalized Self-Assembling peptides for Neural Stem Cell 3D cultures and Nervous Regeneration” international collaborative project. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Biotechnology Department-Univeristy of Milan-Bicocca – (2008-2009).

Co-PI of the “Human Neural Stem Cells and Nanostructured Biomaterials for Regenerative Medicine” project-CARIPLO GRANT – (2007-2010).

“Massimo Grattarola” award in neuroengineering and bionanotechnology – 4 ed. – National Bioengineering Group – Brixen (Italy).



Newspapers  and journals

Le monde de l’intelligence, Washington Times, Guardian, NanoToday, “Advancing Stem Cell Science Without Destroying Human Life” Domestic Policy Council report of the White House, MIT TechTalk, ANSA, Libero, Corriere Della Sera, La Repubblica, Avvenire, Il Sole 24ore, TconZero.


Scientific, Science Daily, MIT news, Yahoo news, HuliQ,com, Innovations, Scitizen, Eurekalert,, RedOrbit, MedGadget,, Wissenschaft-online, Radio24,,, NetIndia123, Sawfnews, Cellule Staminali, Il Meridiano.